Bird food


Sold by the bag or by the Kilo.

Our 1Kg, 3KG, and 6KG amounts are packed in recyclable paper bags to reduce our use of single use plastics

Other wild bird foods can be quickly obtained if requested.

Our Bulk Bags Are Very Competitively Priced. Please Call 01647 252654 for more information.

Wild bird mixes and Seeds

Johnston and Jeff Standard mix

Johnston and Jeff Premium mix with suet

Buxton Premium ‘no mess’ mix

Sunflower hearts

Black sunflower seed

Niger seed


Suet Pellets

Other Bird Food


Suet To Go, Suet Blocks

  • Berry and Bug
  • Mealworm and Insect

Supa Dried Mealworms

Suet To Go Coco Feeders

See in store for our large selection of sturdy wild bird feeders.

All stock correct of the 13th of March 2021.