Pet Supplies

We stock a wide selection of bird and animal foods


We stock a variety of cat foods including Go cat, Whiskas, and Felix with other’s available to order

James Wellbeloved Cat Foods are available to order.


We have a wide range of dog foods, including; James Wellbeloved, Autarky, Dr John’s, Burns, Barking Heads, Arden Grange and Skinners Field & Trial. We also sell wet foods, including Forthglades, Pedigree, and Winalot.

Dog essentials such as toys, leads, food bowls, and collars are also available.

Many other Dog foods, including specialist feed, and other dog essentials can be ordered. Call 01647 252654 or email [email protected]

Domestic Bird Food

Budgie, Cockatiel, and Foreign Finch food available to order


Badminton, Henry’s and Organic Mixed corn, Heygates, Small Holders and Organic Layers pellets, and Heygates Chick crumbs are regularly available in 20 kg sacks. We stock Organic Layers Pellets and Mixed Corn.

We also stock Oyster  shell, Poultry grit, Chick crumbs, Mixed corn and Layers pellets in smaller quantities. Please ask if there is anything else that you need and we will do our very best to obtain it for you quickly.

We have a small stock of poultry supplies such as feeders, and hygiene supplies. Please phone to order


We stock our own Meadow Hay . We regularly stock Heygates Coarse mix and Horse and Pony Nuts and Mollychaff original. We also stock Bedmax bedding, Burleybed Miscanthus bedding and regular Shavings.

We have a very reliable Equine feed supplier. Almost all Equine feed can be ordered. For More information, please call us on 01647 252654 or email us at [email protected]

Small Pets

Russell Rabbit and Gerty Guinea pig are available in one and two kg bags. Larger bags available to order.

Other Small Pet food available to order. For more information please call 01647252654, or email us at [email protected]